Hey There!
We're Erica & Joe!

Vivir is not just another agency (yes, it’s in our name). We don’t own a corporate office, or have multiple employees - it’s just Erica & Joe. We work in coffee shops, in our pj’s, in hotel lobbies, and while we’re camping on the beach! The places we travel give us inspiration in the brands we help craft. If you’re looking for an authentic connection, a brand that packs a punch, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get you out of the kiddie pool, and riding the waves! 

We’re here for the dreamers, risk-takers; the souls that are ready to make waves on the web!

Hello from the Vivir Creative team! We’re a couple of wandering creatives with stories to tell for your brand. With passion, an intuitive understand, and if course a splash - we create brands that captivating and profitable. 

Vivir means to live, and we want your brand and business to live in the most meaningful way. We believe in making huge waves when it comes to your business, to provide your audience with an experience like no other. The visual experience your audience receives is vital for your brand. Let’s dive in and make a splash in your brand…


Hi, I’m Erica! With a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology , my passion is creating compelling designs and profitable strategies for business’. I’m a true moon child 🌙 with a deep love for the ocean and anything magical. When I’m not sitting behind my computer, you can find me at the beach or on my bike. 

Fun Facts:

The Starfish in our logo originated from a design from my sister in college for a project. Joe and I felt the starfish perfectly represented our brand and our vibe, so we decided to bring it into Vivir! 

Fashion was my LIFE since I was 10. Instead of playing sports like most of my friends, I spent time designing my own clothes. I moved to NYC right out of high school and had dreams of working in PR or the bridal industry. Although I didn’t end up in the Fashion Industry, I’ve taken my creative mindset and applied it to my digital creations. 

My perfect way to end the day is with a bike ride on the boardwalk and watching the sunset with a glass of wine in hand. Or a Moscow mule! 


Hey, I'm Joe! I've created digital marketing platforms for a wealth of businesses, including mobile applications, mobile-optimized websites, and social media campaigns. I previously served a wide-ranging role as Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer of 360bespoke, which included digital and interactive ventures, photography production, client strategy and new business development. 

Formerly Director of Brand Relations for CBS Watch! Magazine, I've helped produce cover and fashion shoots in destinations around the world with CBS Network Talent. My work helped increase the magazine’s brand exposure, publicity, online presence and leadership. 

From our home shores in New Jersey...

To bringing the laptop lifestyle to South America...

We craft beautiful brands from the inspiration we receive in our adventures!

Come ride the wave with us!